Cold Decision

Short Film

When a winter outing goes awry, the cold weather and a harsh decision forever changes a life.


Shot in 2013 and 1014 with minimal crew in -33C (-27F) temperatures in Grande Prairie and Woking, Alberta.

The production took 3 consecutive weekends with peculiar shooting times since daylight only lasts for about 7 hours. Luckily the script called for many night shoots—or unluckily, since it made it colder.


Director Gordie Haakstad
Cinematographer Chris Beauchamp
Production Design Laura Beauchamp
Original Score Patrick Rundblad
John Travis Fowler
Aaron Brett Olsen
John’s Wife Amy Jean
Aaron’s Wife Caitlin Card
Truck Driver David Lefebvre
Bartender Jim Sherman
Snowmobile Stunts Craig Henning
Original Story by Brett Olsen and Gordie Haakstad
Camera Assistant Chillton Alstad
Production Sound Michael Bourreé
Props Master Robin Sissons
Makeup Effects Devon Burbank
Caterer Gail Sherman
Caterer Jennifer Sherman