Short Film

What would you risk for all the time in the world?


Humans are on the brink of time travel. After successful tests, a team of scientists are about to send the first human back in time.

“It’s an idea that has excited me for years: exploring the heroism shown by the historic test pilots from NASA’s X Plane and early astronaut days, and the choices they had to make to push the boundaries of discovery,” says writer/director, Gordie Haakstad, “but I found it compelling to tell the story from the point-of-view of those that were left to wait for their return. That’s where Lauren, the mathematician behind the technology, grew into a our protagonist.”

It’s a simple plan: upon arriving roughly 60 years in the past, Jack will bury a small device in the ground. Once it appears in the present indicating he made it, he’ll get pulled back via the link connecting his capsule to both time periods.

“It was also compelling to develop Aeternitas’s own rules of time travel. What if we didn’t know exactly when the traveller arrives in the past, just that he’s back in time? Having that uncertainty created a multitude of opportunities to raise the stakes of the experiment and the risk to Lauren and Jack’s future.”

Now Lauren and Jack face an unknown future — and past, and risk all they love to make history.

Producers Chris Beauchamp and Gordie Haakstad wanted to develop a film that was grounded in science and technology yet had the cinematic flair that sci-fi drama offers. “The design was achieved with a question always in mind: “how would this actually happen?” said Beauchamp. “Within this beautifully created set, we had the freedom to explore the wonderful emotions being delivered by our actors.”


Completed: Oct. 2018
Runtime: 15m 53s
Format 2.39 | Color
Language: English



Aeternitas was made possible with a STORYHIVE grant from TELUS Optik Local. A shorter version of the film, entitled Kairos, is available for free on demand on TELUS Optik TV.


A Film by: Gordie Haakstad & Chris Beauchamp
Written and Directed by: Gordie Haakstad
Produced by: Gordie Haakstad, Chris Beauchamp
Associate Producers: Laura Beauchamp, Sarah Jane Card, Kirsten “Kiki” Wiese, Terry Scerbak

Dr Lauren Wynne: Dawn Nagazina
Cpt Jack Sloan: Paul Bailey
Dr Marie LeClerc: Koreen Perry
Enzo Rask: Lee Savage
Launch Director: Ted Wood

CAPCOM: Darren Bennett
Tom: Wade Fleming
Launch Assistant: Christine Adrian
Retrieval Crew: Adam Lockhart, Timothy Nesbit
Einstein: Molson
Animal Wrangler: Warren Kempert

Cinematography by: Chris Beauchamp
Production Designer: Laura Beauchamp
Music by: Mark Lazeski
Post Production Sound by: Iain Pattison
Costume Designer: Gail Schau

First Assistant Director: Sarah Jane Card
Second Assistant Director: Kyler Hart-Moore
Script Supervisor: Sonja Jarrett

First Assistant Camera: Matt (Matty) Levins
Second Assistant Camera: Jonelle Belcourt, Daylin Chase
DIT: Robin Sissons
Key Grip / Electric: Jake Riddell, Laurenty Evans
Grip / Electric: August Dozorec, Liam Thomson
Production Sound: Cody Flynn
Assistant Sound: Mike Bouree
Costume Assistant: Hollie George
Costumers: Jordan Giesbrecht, Kimberly Chin
Lead Hair and Makeup: Allison Petteplace
Hair and Makeup: Joy Dunn
Production Assistants: Ezra Wood, Jesper Sorensen

Art Director / Pod Designer: Brendan “Binky” Wiese
Key Art Department: Kirsten “Kiki” Wiese, Alysoun Wells, Shiela Briody, Nyssa Mackinnon, Darryl Haugen, Eliza Sorensen
Graphic Designer: Richard Podsada
Greensperson: Shelagh Coy
Construction Coordinators: Karl Vetter, Robert Hart-Moore
Construction Consultant: Cyril Issac
Lead Painter: John Tribo
Art Department: Wade Whibly, Jesper Sorensen, Glenn Sørenson, Tristan Sorensen, Alex Donovan, Heather Dawn, Adam Lockhart, Jamey Holland, Kyler Hart-Moore, Jodan Giesbrecht, Vance Boyd, Alexandra Kunz, Emily Gilbert, Jillian Dozorec, Patrick Haugen, Mike Bouree, Marcia Walker, Quinn Brideau, Yax Posas Guzman, Shantel Vermette, Yannic Heinze, Cole Braun, Jakem Haugen, Cassie lattery, Patrick Nilsson, Tyson Siemens

Catering and Craft Services: Kirsten “Kiki” Wiese
Assistant Caterer: Clyde Blackburn
On-Set Editor/Assitant Editor: Patrick O’Connor

Background Talent: Cameron Donald, Yax Posas Guzman, Travis R Willier, Brandon Barungan, Kimberly Germain, Deborah Card, Brad Redl, Erin Schroeder, Kyler Hart Moore, Ada Marquis, Eliza Sorensen, Suzanne Fehr, Ezra Wood, Darryl Haugen, Jesper Sorensen, Brendan “Binky” Wiese