Breakfast for every child, every day

Brand Story


We worked with the Breakfast Club of Canada on multiple projects to help them tell their stories in Western Canada. Projects included travelling to locations in northern Alberta to capture the Breakfast Club’s key sponsor lending a hand to school personnel in preparing and serving breakfasts in two rural schools. Being constrained by the limited time window in which the meals were served meant rapid capture of the fast-paced activities and young personalities. We combined heartwarming b-roll with insightful interviews of kids and adults alike to produce two lengths of videos. For a second project, we filmed with one of their brand ambassadors at a school in Edmonton. The projects also involved coordinating French translations and exporting SRT subtitles in multiple languages.




Breakfast Club of Canada


Runtime: Video 1: 3:11, Video 2: 40s, Video 3: 2:20, Video 4: 41s
Platform(s): Online, Direct


Directed by Chris Beauchamp, Gordie Haakstad
Produced by The Distillery Film Company
Director of Photography Chris Beauchamp
Edited by Gordie Haakstad, Chris Beauchamp