NWP Brand Story

Brand Story | Commercial

A new brand and a new story


As part of the major brand relaunch of Grande Prairie Regional College into Northwestern Polytechnic, we used a combination of video, music, and graphics to promote the spirit of the newly adopted mission, vision, and values of the institution through a dynamic brand video. The feeling of the piece is driving, and it couples key messaging with purposeful visual energy that builds to a moving climax. We also developed three shorter-form cut-downs for social media ad campaigns.

To premiere the new name, logo, and brand of Northwestern Polytechnic, we designed and staged a live launch event complete with projection mapping on custom screens, dynamic video elements, and a live feed to the general public. The event was also presented simultaneously at second campus with duplicate staging and screens, while providing the live speakers’ feed from the primary location.

In addition to the brand video, we also produced a series of videos targeted as specific audiences to help promote the new identity.



Runtime: Video 1: 2:23, Video 2: 1m
Platform(s): Online, Direct, Trade Shows


Produced by The Distillery Film Company
Director of Photography Chris Beauchamp
Edited by Chris Beauchamp
Additional Photography Matt Levins, William Vavrek