Foster’s Brand

Brand Story | Commercial

What they do and who they are


We partnered with Fosters over the course of a year-long project to capture their numerous operations, locations, and services throughout the growing season. The project involved creating a series of brand commercials for two key divisions of their company: Foster’s Seed & Feed, and Foster’s Agri-World.

Additional deliverables were web banner videos to bring their new websites to life, and commercial photography. The project involved a mix of beauty shots and drone footage of agricultural operations and crops, as well as cinematic footage documenting their various operations and teams. We cast and directed professional voice talent to provide a cohesive narrator across all commercials. The post-production work also involved several custom motion graphics, and custom animation of historical photos.



Video 1: 0:43
Video 2: 0:39
Video 3: 0:29
Video 4: 0:40
Video 5: 0:33
Video 6: 0:30
Video 7: 2:05
Video 8: 1:13
Platform(s): Online, Direct, Trade Shows, Web Banner


Directed by Chris Beauchamp, Gordie Haakstad
Produced by The Distillery Film Company
Director of Photography Chris Beauchamp
Additional Photography Mike Evans
Edited by Gordie Haakstad
Additional Editing Chris Beauchamp