Santa’s Workshop


Even Santa needs an eye exam


Cinema pre-rolls are one of the most effective means of advertising. A darkened theatre and eyeballs captivated by the big screen is a perfect mix to present a brand to an audience. The commercials that do well find a way to connect with the audience, often by using touching emotion, humour, engaging energy, and/or strong visuals.

For Santa’s Workshop, The Distillery wrote a light-hearted and touching commercial and filmed it on location at the Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop museum. Combined with holiday-themed production design, the cinematic visuals popped to life when presented on the big screen.


Aurora Eye Care


Runtime: 30s
Platforms: Cinema Pre-Roll, Online


Directed by Gordie Haakstad, Chris Beauchamp
Produced by The Distillery Film Company
Director of Photography Chris Beauchamp
Edited by Gordie Haakstad

Production Manager Kirsten Weise
Camera and Lighting Assistant Matt Blevins
Production Sound Cody Flynn
Hair and Makeup Devon Burbank