Making of a Museum


Introducing Grande Prairie’s groundbreaking dinosaur museum. Narrated by Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon Aykroyd.


300 million years in the making, the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum treats guests with an exploration of paelontology via cutting edge exhibits and breathtaking fossil finds. Commissioned by the County of Grande Prairie, No. 1, Gordie Haakstad documented the history of the brand new museum from its inception through its opening by utilizing interviews with key stakeholders, cinematic b-roll, time lapse photography, helicopter aerial footage, and archival footage and photography.

Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon Aykroyd lent their voices for narration. The award-winning composer, Patrick Rundblad, provided the sweeping score to create the desired Jurassic Park-esque feel. 3D animations, graphics, and text treatments were custom made by Haakstad to exist alongside the CGI dinosaur animations provided by The Design Foundation.


Released: 2015
Runtime: 12m 22s
Language: English



Directed and Produced by Gordie Haakstad
Narrated by Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon Aykroyd
Executive Producer County of Grande Prairie, No. 1
Project Lead George Jacob
Assistant Director Laura Beauchamp
Creative Consultant Nora Weber
Original Music Patrick Rundblad
Cinematography by Gordie Haakstad and Chris Beauchamp
Camera and Lighting Cam Belseth
Grip and Electric Travis Fowler, Christopher Kozie, Craig Sephton
Catering Gail Sherman, Jennifer Sherman
Toronto Interview Scott Norsworthy, Nam Hoang
Editing and Post Production Gordie Haakstad

Additional imagery courtesy of Beauchamp Photogprahy, Sean Trostem, Candice Popik, Scott Hartman
Stock imagery courtesy of BalanceMedia,, County of Grande Prairie No. 1,,, Travel Alberta
Special Thanks Dean Tkachuk and Family, Jim Sherman, The University of Alberta, GP3D, The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum Staff
Museum Vistors Brooklyn Monnette, Cailley Pollock, Camryn Hiscock, Chloe Monnette, Cora-lee Hinze, Hailey Monnette, Izabell Doll, Junseo Koh, Kenzie Hiscock, Kevin W. O’Toole, Kylyna O’Toole, McKenna Pollock, Michael Hiscock, Preston Hinze, Riley Burlock, Wyatt O’Toole, Zander Doll