NAIT Interior Design

Brand Story

A space defines a person and a person defines a space


nora systems is a market leader for rubber floor coverings for schools, hospitals, industrial areas, and transportation. Past clients have included the like of the entire New York subway system, which covers over 3.8 million sq feet. In 2018, nora was acquired by Interface, Inc. (Nasdaq: TILE) , a global powerhouse for interior design.

For this project, The Distillery worked with nora’s marketing team to create a beautiful informational documentary about the materials design and architectural choices of student spaces at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton. This work involved a mix of elegant b-roll at various locations and critical interviews to form the basis for a storyline.



Runtime: Video 1: 5m, Video 2: 30s
Platforms: Online, Direct


Directed by Gordie Haakstad, Chris Beauchamp
Director of Photography Chris Beauchamp
Edited by Gordie Haakstad

Camera and Lighting Assistant Holly Mazur
Assistant/B Camera Operator Myles Belland